Ayus Lomi Lomi

Also known as the "loving hands" massage the experience includes Head, Ear, Facial, Body Massage and Shirodhara (Oil Pouring Ritual). This style of massage will provide complete relaxation, an unforgettable holistic experience for body and soul.

Ayus Lomi Lomi Massage Benefits:

Individual whole-body treatment for a feeling of absolute well-being. Glowing incense sticks. Exotic fragrances fill the room. Warm oil drops on your forehead, sensible hands massage your head, strike over the face, throat and décolleté, knead your body. With AYUS LOMI you experience the best from two worlds - a fascinating treatment combining the Ayurvedic principles with the Lomi-Lomi-Nui massage from Hawaii. Depending on the dosha type, your personal massage oil is mixed out of different essential oils and pure oils. After two and a half hours of intensive treatment, you will feel new born - absolutely deep-relaxed, with new power and energy and a balanced, radiant skin. And the dosha-specific nutritional recommendations help to transfer this experience to your every-day world. Pampering duration: 75-120 minutes.